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Book Release: ‘Captivating Creative Craftsmen and Study Guide’

We don’t normally do this, but Myrna Petersen, a popular author on, has just published a book on Christians and the arts and we decided to provide a bit of an overview of the book for those who might be interested in purchasing it. Inspirational stories behind Biblical artisans. As we draw closer to the Creator of the universe, we’ll be inspired to create new works. Written by Myrna Petersen with editing and graphic design by Open the Word’s Dean Smith, this is a great read for individuals or in a small group study. It is not how-to-instruction in the art of one’s choice but rather, a book to help crafts people, artists and musicians draw closer to the creator of the universe to release one’s creativity. When you know and work with the Creator of the human spirit, you’ll be inspired to create new works. In the beginning God created man in His own image. Since human beings are created in the image of our Abba Father, we should function as creators, making new …

Understanding Times and Seasons: Men of Issachar

I Chronicles 12:23 – 40 gives us a record of David’s great army which was assembled at Hebron.  We read of the thousands of warriors who came from every tribe.  There were 6,800 from the tribe of Judah bearing shield and spear and from the tribe of  Simeon, 7,100 mighty men of valor fit for war.  The tribe of Zebulun is recorded to have 50,000 warriors who were expert in all weapons of war and who could keep ranks. Amidst that list of thousands of mighty men, we read of the small number of chiefs from Issachar.  Only 200 men, but they had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do.  A great number of warriors is not needed for a battle if there are those who have understanding the times and seasons.  These are the ones who carry the “strategy” within them that will defeat the enemy. Noble Bereans The Apostle Paul found a synagogue of Jews in Berea and discovered they were a people who “received the word with all readiness, …

JESUS, the Master Winemaker

In recent weeks, I’ve been stirred to do a word study on the making of new wine and the wine of the wrath of God as portrayed throughout the Holy Bible. Since the word ‘wine’ is used more than 200 times in scripture, no doubt it was a subject important to the Biblical Patriarchs. In some religious circles there is much discussion if wine in Biblical days was fermented or just ordinary grape juice. Surely we are instructed not to become intoxicated with strong drink but with the many other teaching resources available on this subject, it is not the author’s intent to discuss whether or not it is appropriate for a Christian to drink wine. This article will focus on the spiritual aspect of ‘new wine’ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.