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Should women stay home and raise children? Are you outraged by the question?

I did not know, but I have learned, recently, that there is an argument about women these days. The argument that surprised me is whether women should work in careers, out of the home, or if they should stay at home and raise children. Apparently, this is a fierce argument, for some people. Who knew?: So, what are the best answers? a) No b) Yes c) How dare you ask the question? No: Feminists struggled for decades to liberate women, and they should be free to work in careers and to make money, just like men. I think we know the rest of the story … Yes: A woman should build a family, with her husband. Families work better when the best nurturing partner stays home to raise the next generation. I think we know that old story … What?: How can I write about this topic, in this year? Haven’t we progressed past these old arguments? What is my best answer? We need to see our sickness. We have a bigger problem: our need …

Who has the most worthwhile job? Believe it or not, survey says stay-at-home moms

[by Dean Smith] Years ago, I attended a political meeting, when a young stay-at-home mom nervously approached a mike in an open session to address the several politicians, including the party leader, sitting at the front. She expressed her desire to be at home looking after her young children. She believed it was an important job, but government policies including higher taxation rates were making it increasingly difficult for her family to do this. It seemed everyone, in this largely conservative gathering, applauded her statement. Well, everyone I guess, except one.