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Montana completely bans TikTok across the state

Montana became the first US state to completely ban the downloading of the social media app, TikTok, for all its citizens, Fox News reports. The government had previously banned TikTok from being downloaded on government phones over concerns that its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, is closely connected to the Chinese Communist Party. Fox News explains the reason behind the ban: “Some lawmakers, the FBI and officials at other agencies are concerned the video-sharing app, owned by the Chinese tech company ByteDance, could be used to allow the Chinese government to access information on American citizens or push pro-Beijing misinformation that could influence the public. TikTok says none of this has ever happened.“ The new law would fine any business and/or TikTok $10,000 each day that they allow people in the state to download the app. Users themselves would not be penalized for downloading the app. TikTok says it plans to challenge the legislation in court. Fox News adds that over half of the US states have banned the app on government-owned phones. READ: Montana becomes …

Canada and US Friendship Center in Havre, Montana Credit: James. G. Howes/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

The Truth and Havre, Montana

Recently, an US border patrol agent stopped two women at a convenience store in Havre, Montana and asked for their IDs. The women were not happy about this and made a video of their conversation with a cell phone. The officer was polite and explained that he stopped the women because they were speaking Spanish, and the Spanish language was almost never spoken in the region. This story went viral for a few days, and the women are still angry and they are talking about legal action. RELATED: They Spoke Spanish in a Montana Store. Then a Border Agent Asked for Their IDs: New York Times In the articles by journalists, there have been many comments about the lack of ethnic diversity in Montana and that everyone speaks English, as if that is offensive. There are also hints that Havre is a small backwater where police stop people, in an offensive way, because they are “different” from the natives. The word “redneck” fits that narrative. The story is popular because it fits a popular narrative …

Extraordinary dinosaur find challenges evolution

Dinosaur bones from the Hell Creek formation in Montana cause a huge problem for evolutionists. Those digging at the site actually found fossilized dinosaur bones with soft tissue inside them (blood, blood vessels, cartilage). How could there be soft tissue in bones reportedly millions of years old? In 2004, palaeontologists uncovered a large T. Rex thigh bone (supposedly 69 million years old) at the Montana dig. They broke the bone for transport, revealing what looked like un-fossilized soft tissue.