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Do churchgoers have greater satisfaction in family and personal relationships?

A recent poll conducted by Barna, entitled the State of Your Church, revealed that 58% of people who attend church rated their contentment in family and personal relationships as ‘strong’. When the individuals classified themselves as practicing Christians, the rate of ‘strong satisfaction’ went up to 67%.

Credit: sarah-ji/Flickr/Creative Commons

Are we vulnerable to satanic attack if we don’t forgive others?

Many years ago, my wife and I had a Christian couple over for supper. After the meal we were sitting around talking. I can’t even remember what we were talking about, but suddenly the man exploded in anger. We all turned to the man in utter shock. You could hear the rage in his voice and see it on is face. He was blustery red. His eyes were wide. His voice was loud. We just looked at him stunned by what was coming out of his mouth. When he started settling down a bit, I asked him why he was so angry. He looked at me and said he didn’t know why. What we were talking about was so nondescript that I can’t even remember what it was about, but something we said triggered a fury deep within the man. A rage was so real, that I still remember it decades later. Though the husband didn’t know why he was so angry, there may have been a good reason for the rage. Jesus made an …