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55 | Crossing over to the other side of faith

Hi my name is Dean Smith, and in this podcast I am asking: Are you ready to cross over to the other side of faith? But first let me tell you an interesting story involving the dramatic healing of Tony Yahle in West Carrollton, Ohio. It was so dramatic that the story was featured in several secular news sites including the New York Daily News, ABC News and WHIO TV.

Speak to your mountain

In His powerful statement about faith, Jesus says that if we had enough faith we could cast a mountain into the sea (Mark 11:23). But the key was believing in our heart without doubting. But I think we are missing a second critical element in this verse. Jesus also said that we needed to speak to our mountains. It wasn’t enough to believe, we needed to verbally declare our faith. In other words, we can have all the faith we want, but without speaking nothing changes. There is power in our words. In Proverbs 18:21, the writer states that the tongue has power that can lead to life and death, my interpretation is faith or unbelief. Words make a difference. And I am not talking about what we say to other things or other people, I am talking about what we say to ourselves. Studies indicate that upwards of 70% of the thoughts we think in a single day are overtly negative or at least have a negative bend to them and considering that we …