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1 | Does eye for an eye mean you love your neighbor as yourself?

Many believe that Jesus’s exhortation to love your neighbor as ourselves contradicts the Old Testament law that brutally spoke of eye for eye and tooth for tooth justice. In this podcast, we show how the eye for eye law was actually the foundation of Jesus’s teaching to love your neighbor.

What do you feel about the death penalty? Credit: Carlos Y./Flickr/Creative Commons

Should Christians support the death penalty? — A response

The death penalty is a controversial subject for Christians. Believers fall on both sides of the issue. Some believe the death penalty should be part of the criminal code and others do not. In this article, I want to respond to Katherin Dwyer’s article entitled Should Christians support the death penalty? posted on the Gospel Herald website. In her article, she explains why as a Christian and conservative she opposes the death penalty. Katherine is a Charles Koch Institute Communications Fellow with Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty. Her article was in part sparked by the recent US presidential election, where three states also held referendum votes on the death penalty. Katherine takes a reasoned approach on her opposition to the death penalty and I believe she made some valid points. But I don’t agree with all her conclusions and simply want to discuss why I believe the death penalty is still a legitimate form of justice, even today. Eye for an eye The first thing Katherine delves in to is the “eye for eye” …

There is something strangely missing in the Old Testament!

A judge from Saudi Arabia, Turki Al Qarni, recently ordered a man’s tooth broken. The problem started when the man’s mother contacted the police saying her son had attacked her, breaking a tooth. The elderly woman who was battered and bruised by the assault received hospital treatment. The unnamed man in his 30s pleaded guilty and the judge ordered his same tooth broken as his mother’s. The judge’s ruling was based on a verse in the Koran that reads “And we ordained therein for them; A life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth.” 

“Eye for an eye” means you love your neighbour as yourself

Español: “Ojo por ojo” significa que amas a tu prójimo como a ti mismo “eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,” Moses (Exodus 21:24 NASV) “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” Jesus (Mathew 22:39 NASV) At first glance, the Bible seems a book of extremes. In the rough and tumble Old Testament, you have the law demanding “eye for an eye” compensation if a person was injured. If you gouged out a person’s eye, then your eye was gouged out. Then in the New Testament you have Jesus who taught “love your neighbour.” Anyone reading these passages would be very confused —  “eye for an eye” does not seem very loving. But have you ever noticed there is something strangely missing in the Old Testament?  There is not one account of a person having their hand cut off or their eye gouged out due to a crime they committed — even though the law required it. Jesus wades into the controversy Then to make matters worse, Jesus weighs in …