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Streets of Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea Credit: Keith Martin/Flickr/Creative Commons

Did a mystical Jewish rabbi foresee 22 years ago the rising threat of North Korea?

Breaking Israel News (BIN) is reporting on the strange prediction that Rabbi Levi Sa’adia Nachamanii made in a 1994 speech, one month before he died. In it, he discussed who would be the greatest threat facing Israel. He said it would not be Arab countries, but in fact North Korea. “Not Syria, not Persia (Iran), and not Babylon (Iraq), and not Gaddafi (Libya),” Nachamanii said, adding that “Korea will arrive here.” Nachamanii is from a mystical branch of Judaism called Kabbalah. It is a centuries-old tradition in Judaism that is derived from two ancient texts — the Zohar and Sefer Yezirah. They tend to spiritualize every word and number in the Bible. Some believe they stray into the occult through magical rites such as using amulets for healing, the belief that lost souls can inhabit people requiring deliverance that Kabbalists perform and forcing oaths on demons. But Kabbalists also have an intense interest in the end times and the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Perhaps one of the strangest stories to come out of this …

Famous Jewish Rabbi codes Jesus as the Messiah

When Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died in January 2006 over 200,000 people lined the streets of Jerusalem to watch his funeral procession. He was one of the most famous rabbis in Israel at the time. Born around 1900 his age was estimated to be between 106 and 108 at his passing. Shortly before his death, Kaduri did something very mysterious. He wrote a message on a piece of paper, sealed it, and told his followers they must wait until a year after his death before opening it. The note, he said, would reveal the name of the Jewish Messiah. And on top of that, the old Rabbi told his supporters the message was written in code. Incredibly, when the letter was opened in February 2007, Kaduri declared Jesus Christ