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Los Angeles County’s petty war with Christians?

There has been an ongoing battle between Grace Community Church, pastored by John MacArthur, and the Los Angeles County. And recently, LA County has resorted to pettiness to get its way.

UPDATE: Pastor John MacArthur disobeys court order and holds church service

A few days ago I reported how John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church based in Los Angeles, CA won a court case allowing the congregation to resume church services. The church took the city and state officials to court arguing that the state mandated limits on the number of people attending a church service was unconstitutional. The Covid lockdown limited church attendance to 25% of a church’s capacity or 100 people, what ever was lower. On Friday, Aug. 14, 2020, a Superior Court judge ruled that Grace Community Church could continue services provided that families social distanced and everyone wore masks. They could function under these conditions until a full court case was heard on the matter on Sept. 4, 2020. However, the Los Angeles Health Department immediately appealed the Friday decision to the California Court of Appeal and won a stay against the ruling the next day. This meant the church must abide by the state’s current lockdown regulations until the court hearing in September. But in response, the church defied the second ruling and …