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John Chau (R) Credit: Daily Mail

Christian missionary’s last words before he was killed by Sentinelese tribesmen

For three years, American John Allen Chau, 26, a graduate of Oral Roberts University, was planning to bring the gospel to a remote tribe on islands in the Indian Sea. In particular he wanted to visit North Sentinel Island, where the isolated Sentinelese tribal group lived. The Indian government had declared the island off-limits because it believed they were the world’s last “pre-Neolithic” tribe. The group was very protective of their privacy. A few years earlier, two fisherman who landed on the island were killed by the tribesmen. Despite the danger, on November 15, 2018, John arranged for fishermen to take him close to the island where he kayaked in. He wrote of his first encounter in a journal that he left on the fisherman’s boat. In the journal, he described his first encounter, his fears and a vision he received and his decision to return to the island. He described the tribesmen as short, 5′ 5″, wearing yellow paint on their face. Some were friendly while others appeared angry and aggressive. He offered them …