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46 | Three events that may connect COVID-19 to the end times?

In this podcast I discuss three events that may connect the coronavirus to the end times.

Is an ‘end-times’ Bubonic plague coming to Los Angeles?

Drew Pinsky is better known by his celebrity moniker, Dr Drew. He is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine and addiction, but became famous through several radio and TV shows such as Loveline, Dr. Drew on Call, and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Recently, he gained headlines again when he stated in an interview with Scott Adams, the creator of  the Dilbert comic strip, broadcast on Periscope, that Los Angeles (LA) was on the verge of an outbreak of the Bubonic plague. He actually used the term “apocalypse” to describe the looming crisis. The Bubonic plague devastated Europe in the 14th century killing an estimated 50 to 100 million people ,upwards of 50% of the population. The bacteria that causes the plague was spread by fleas from infected animals such as rats. There are different varieties of the plague some more deadly than others. The common symptoms for the Bubonic plague include fever, flu, vomiting and boils, that often break open as the lymph nodes swell. The plague can result in death within 10 …