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A scene from Jesus VR: The story of Christ. Photo:

World’s first full-length ‘virtual reality’ movie is about the life of Jesus

David Hansen is a movie director and producer from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has just produced the world’s first full-length virtual reality (VR) movie and it is about the life of Christ. In the movie entitled Jesus VR: The Story of Christ, Tim Fellingham plays Jesus and Mish Boyko the role of Peter. It was featured at the prestigious Venice Film Festival this past week where they presented a 40-minute cut of the 90-minute movie.  In an interview with the Regina Leader Post, Hansen described their invite to the festival as “unbelievable.” Virtual reality allows a person to be immersed in the environment. You literally become part of the story as it is happening. In computer generated environments you are even able to manipulate objects or perform certain activities. However, they are not quite there for VR movies made up of real people and movie sets. Nevertheless you are standing with the disciples as the events take place. In a news release, Hansen described Christ’s story as the most powerful story of all time adding  “The …