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Lahore, Pakistan Credit: Usman Malik/Flickr/Creative Commons

Pakistani prosecutor tells 42 Christians to convert to Islam to escape murder charges

After Muslim extremists blew up a Catholic church in Lahore, Pakistan in 2015 killing 14 and injuring 75, Christians took to the streets. In the mayhem that followed, the police captured two Muslim men accused of the brutal bombing and handed them over to a Christian crowd who then lynched the Muslims. After the two Muslim men were murdered, Pakistani authorities arrested 500 Christians and kept most of them in jail for nearly 18 months under brutal treatment that included torture. However, after finding most had nothing to do with the crime, about 450 were let go, leaving 42 men still in prison. The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) that is monitoring the situation and providing legal help to the those arrested was horrified by the killing of the two Muslim men, but it said that at least 30 of the men still in jail had nothing to do with the crime. The BPCA then reported on a disturbing story published in a national Pakistani paper, The Express Tribune. The paper wrote about a bizarre …

Market Church in Wiesbaden, Germany. Photo: Kay Gaensler/Flickr/Creative Commons

Muslim refugees in Germany threaten ‘impure’ Christians

According to an article on Breitbart, Christians in Germany’s migrant housing are being forced to hide their faith due to intimidation and death threats by Muslims. At a recent Frankfurt news conference, Mahin Mousapour said that Christians purposefully hide their crosses and Bibles to avoid hate attacks by Muslims. Mousapour is from Iran. A former Muslim, she became a Christian over 25 years ago  and now pastors Persian Father House, an Evangelical Free church in Frankfurt. Fearing reprisal, refugees tell people in their complex that they are only visiting friends when attending her church. Ms Mousapour was joined at the news conference by politician Erika Steinbach who serves as a member of the Bundestag. It is a German equivalent of the U.S. House of Representatives or Canada and England’s House of Commons. Mousapour said Muslims tell Christians that they are “impure as a dog” adding: “Toys of Christian children are being destroyed. Christian asylum seekers are told to not only wash their dishes after eating, but also they must clean the entire kitchen as it would otherwise be ‘unclean’.” …

Photo source: Clark Atlanta University

ISIS: Do they really plan to win?

Fighters from ISIS have shot and bombed and beheaded thousands in the last two years. We all know they attacked many innocent people in Paris France, and Russia has joined the fight in Syria. Now China is involved, because ISIS beheaded one of their citizens. The mess is starting to look like a small world war. So do a few devout religious people in the desert imagine they can win against the whole world? The question is like a joke. But they are winning, and they know it. A recent article in the BBC asked the question, “Do terrorists really think they’re going to win?” The analysis includes ISIS, and yes terrorists can win. ISIS can win because it is a religious movement. The trick is as old as the Bible; score a bull’s eye every time, just move the target. Every religion has values. It wouldn’t be a religion if it didn’t. ISIS can win by wanting what they want, and not wanting what we want them to want. In better English, they can …

Muslim woman in Mumbai, India Photo: Trey Ratcliff/Flickr

Forgiving Muslims, for their terrorists

After the Paris terrorist attacks, like many, I was angered by what happened even though I was over 5,000 kms away. How would I react if I had personally been attacked by a Muslim? The closest I came was at a local grocery store in our community a couple of years back. Though a very minor incident, it still bothered me. I was slowly driving through the lot looking for a parking spot, when a van turned into the aisle I was driving down and came towards me. Though there was plenty of room for both of us to pass, a few yards out the older, blue van veered into my lane stopping right in front of me. I slammed on my brakes. Our two vehicles were now nose to nose. Inside the van, I saw a  young, bearded man at the wheel, staring and smiling. He was enjoying what he had done. A woman presumably his wife, dressed head to toe in a hajib, opened the van door, quickly stepped out of the vehicle …

Did the Turkish president just call for Muslims to invade Jerusalem?

[by Dean Smith] Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been president of Turkey for 13 years. In a recent speech to admiring supporters in the Turkish city of Erzincan, Erdogan called for Muslims to invade and conquer Jerusalem. In his speech, reported by the Anadolu Agency, Erdogan said: “We Muslims have lost our way toward Jerusalem. The water of our eyes froze making us blind, and our hearts that are destined to beat for Jerusalem is now instead conditioned for rivalry being in a state of war with each other.” In the last part of the statement, he was referring to the bitter rivalry between Shia and Sunni Muslims who have warred with each other for decades. Instead of fighting each other, Erdogan said the two groups must unite against their common enemy Israel.