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Orthodox Jews walking down a street in Old Jerusalem. Photo: Rico Grimm/Flickr/Creative Commons

One million born-again Jews worldwide, study reports

According to an article on by Joel Rosenberg, on All Israel website, it is estimated that there are approximately one million Jews around the world who have become Christians by putting their faith in Christ. This is based on a study by Lifeway, that found there are approximately 871,000 people of Jewish descent in America who believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. In addition, a study by Dr. Erez Soref, Israel College of the Bible, estimates there are about 30,000 Messianic Jews living in Israel. This puts the number of Messianic Jews in these two countries at around 900,000. According to World Population Review (WPR), there are approximately 15 million Jews worldwide, though some estimate the number could be over 17 million. The disagreement on the size of the Jewish population stems from how a person defines a Jew, which is traditionally determined by being born to a Jewish mother. In 2022, WPR reports there are 6.8 million Jews living in Israel and 5.7 million living in the US, but WPR notes on its website …