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Can forgiveness heal a nation?

I am convinced there are extremists trying to take advantage of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white police officer to create anarchy and sow division in the US. But a recent article on Christian Post is giving me hope. It is a story about a group of white believers in Houston, Texas called Praytest. It was started by a white Christian rapper Bobby Herring and recently they went to a black public housing complex in Houston, Texas called Cuney Homes. It was in the same area of the city where George Floyd grew up before he moved to Minneapolis. At the complex, Praytest met with a group of black believers many who attend Free Indeed Church, pastored by Johnny D. Gentry. In an interview with Click2Houston, Herring explained what happened next: “One of the videos that went viral with Pastor Johnny Gentry and myself on one side facing each other, white people kneeling asking God for forgiveness and then you see my black brothers and sisters kneeling asking God for forgiveness, that …

Update on Houston City Council subpoenas of sermons of five city pastors

[by Dean Smith] According to Foxnews commentator Todd Starnes, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot sent a strongly worded letter to the Houston City Attorney David Feldman, telling the city to stop its persecution of five Houston pastors and to withdraw the city’s subpoenas of these church leaders. The Houston attorney’s office subpoenaed the pastors’ sermons, notes and any correspondence (texts and emails included) sent to members of their congregation on issues of homosexuality, gender identity and Mayor Annise Parker — Houston’s openly lesbian mayor. In his letter, Abbot described the city’s actions as “aggressive and invasive.” He added the city disregarded “the very serious First Amendment considerations at stake.”

Is the City of Houston trying to bully and intimidate pastors into silence?

[by Dean Smith] We expect this type of behavior in China or Iran, but to have it happen in the U.S. is beyond comprehension. Foxnews commentator Todd Starnes recently exposed the abuse of Christians taking place in America. The City of Houston has gone to court demanding several pastors turn over all sermons, notes and any communications to church members related to issues regarding gender identity, homosexuality and city mayor Annise Parker. If the pastors do not obey this order, they could be held in contempt and jailed or fined. Parker is Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor. The city’s demand stems back to a law it passed in June called the “bathroom bill” which would allow men or women to use bathroom and shower facilities of the opposite sex. The law would allow trans-gender people to use public facilities of their choice.

Houston, we have a mutation problem — with evolution

In his article, Single genes have multiple effects published in The Globe and Mail, Stephen Strauss says a little known fact about genes and mutations is causing considerable consternation in evolutionary circles. Evolutionists believe new species were created as gene’s mutated. These mutations, if beneficial, were eventually incorporated into the species and gradually resulted in the formation of new animals over hundreds of millions of year. Over the past few years, we have been inundated