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President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen Credit: Die Grunen

President of Austria says all women in that country may be forced to wear a Muslim hijab

The British newspaper, The Independent, is reporting on the bizarre statements Austria’s left-leaning president, Alexander Van der Bellen, made to students in March. He told the group that at some point all women in Austria may be required to wear a hijab to fight Islamaphobia in that country. The hijab or scarf is a head covering worn by many Muslim women for religious reasons and differs from a burqa that covers the face. Van der Bellen was responding to a young woman’s question who was opposed to recent moves by Austria and other European governments, such as Germany and Holland, that are passing legislation that would limit the wearing of a burqa, and in some instance a hijab, in public. The school girl stated that removing the scarf or burqa would result in women relying on their appearance when making their way in society instead of their accomplishments. In his response that was videoed back in March, but just recently broadcast on Austrian TV, Van der Bellen said that it was every woman’s right to …

Sign displaying Wheaton College's motto Photo: Christoffer Lukas Muller/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Evangelical college suspends professor who said Muslims & Christians worship the same God

Wheaton College, an evangelical seminary and liberal arts college in Wheaton, Illinois, has just put political science associate professor Dr. Larycia Hawkins on administrative leave pending a review of her statements on Facebook. Earlier this week, Hawkins generated media attention when she asked her social media followers to join her in wearing a hijab during advent in support of Muslims. According to Charisma News, Hawkins requested others: “‘[join her in] Advent worship’ by wearing a hijab to stand in solidarity with Muslim brothers and sisters.” She added that she had even contacted the Council for American-Islamic Relations to receive permission to wear a Hijab. Hawkins’s statement immediately caused a flurry of concern mostly from Christians. The controversy is in some ways similar to an incident that happened in the early church. In Acts 16:3, we read how the Apostle Paul was taking Timothy with him on a mission trip and actually had him get circumcised. Timothy’s father was a Greek and a reference to his mother teaching him the sacred writings (Old Testament) in 2 …