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97 | How God conned the Egyptian Pharaoh using his own beliefs

In this podcast, I discuss two incidents in the Exodus account, when God delivered Israel out of Egypt, that has always puzzled me.

Photo of Aldi Adilang's boat at moment of rescue near the Island of Guam. Released by the Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka/AP

Some things are more significant than we realize: Indonesian teenager rescued after spending 49 days lost at sea

An interesting story coming out of Indonesia, may have more significance than we realize. With a population of over 260 million people, Indonesia is made up of several islands located north of Australia. The sea and fishing are a major part of life. Muslims make up 87% of its population and about 10% are Christians.  Because of their dominance, in parts of Indonesia, Muslims extremists are actively persecuting Christians. And recently the world was caught up in a story about an Indonesian teenager, Aldi Novel Adilang, 18, who miraculously survived 49 days at sea stuck in a fishing trap. The raft like boat has a hut on it and is moored in the ocean for fishing. It also has a large light that is turned on at night to attract fish. Adilang had worked in such a fishing trap since he was 16. The owner of takes food, water and gas for the generator out to his 50 fishing traps once a week. However because of high winds, Adilang’s raft broke its mooring and started …

NASA's blood-red Nile River Photo: NASA/European Space Agency

NASA’s photo of a blood-red Nile river

With the Jewish Passover scheduled to be celebrated on April 22-30, 2016, NASA released an unusual satellite photo earlier this month of the Nile River pictured completely red just as it happened during Israel’s exodus. Many in the media, such as Foxnews and CBS, noted the photo’s eerie spiritual connection to Israel’s deliverance out of Egypt found in the Old Testament. The water wasn’t really red, but this was how it showed up in a photo taken by NASA’s Sentinel 3-A, launched February 16th, as part of its Earth observation system. The satellite used a Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer which measures the energy radiating from the earth’s surface. It can take photos in multiple bands including infrared. The red is actually the vegetation along the Nile’s banks. The Jewish Passover was part of the last plague God brought against Israel involving the killing of the first-born (Exodus 12). After this plague, the Egyptian Pharaoh allowed the Jews to leave. Turning the Nile water into blood (Exodus 7:20) was the first of ten plagues …

Did God con a conman — the Egyptian Pharaoh?

[by Dean Smith] As I read of Israel’s deliverance out of Egypt found in the Book of Exodus, one thing always puzzled me. Why didn’t the Pharaoh just order a hit job on Moses? Moses came before the Pharaoh several times asking permission for Israel to leave Egypt. Each time the Pharaoh said no and then Moses announced another plague. There was plenty of opportunity for the Pharaoh to end it all by simply taking out the Jewish leader. But the Pharaoh didn’t do it? Why?