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How good are you, really?

Your mother told you to be good, and so did your father. It turns out, goodness, also known as virtue, is complicated. A skilled teacher can tell us how to be good, but then we have to make the decisions and act on what we know. The Bible says we are without excuse and it is clear that we can know the right thing. But, knowing is the easy part. Human history shows that we have problems with doing. My way to find God was to ask for help with doing. I wanted to be more than educated, but the knowledge was a good start. READ: Virtue Ethics

Credit: Michael Kappel/Flickr/Creative Commons

How good will you be in 2018?

So how good will you be in 2018? There is not much competition on that side. Yesterday I helped someone; and every detail in this story matters for the conclusion. I have a bad cough, the kind that won’t let me sleep at night, and this morning I drove to the drug store in the Mall, where I don’t usually shop. I don’t know why I chose the mall, and that store. Also, the weather is cold today, – 30 C or – 22 F. I walked out of the wrong door at the Mall, so I had a long walk to my truck, at – 30 with bronchitis. That is a bad combination but I don’t think hard when I’m at the mall. Somehow it all felt right. As I walked, on my right I saw a small old truck, a Ford Ranger, which is usually a poor man’s ride. The driver turned the key and I heard “Click Click Click.” In subarctic weather, that means your battery is low, and that means the …