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Credit: Chasing Donguri/Flckr/Creative Commons

What happened to the forests of Arabia?

Maybe the activists aren’t wrong, maybe man is to blame for Climate Change. But maybe we can’t finger CO2 emissions as the reason. There is a lot of fear mongering going on about what will happen if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions and one of the dire consequences is drought such as suggested by an article, Global Warming Will Intensify Drought, Says New Study, in the very left-leaning English newspaper, The Guardian. Of course, other articles claim the exact opposite saying that man-made global warming will cause flooding because of increased rain. An article in the Montreal Gazette laid the blame for the flooding that hit the Canadian province Quebec last year on man-made Global Warming. For global warming elitists it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Global warming causes every type of weather event under the sun, who cares if they end up contradicting themselves. Even the recent cold snap in the southern US was blamed on man-made Global warming. Of course, some have realized the irony and are trying to rename Global Warming as …