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Will true Haggis ever be legal in the U.S. and Canada?

Several years back I decided to try Haggis, a Scottish delicacy, at a cultural event in our city that featured a pavilion showcasing Scotland. Haggis contains spices, oatmeal, animal internal organs wrapped in a cow stomach.

Orthorexia Nervosa: Do you have a food religion?

Are you a Vegan, or a Keto Carnivore, or maybe a high-fat, low-carb foody? Are you into fasting, or apple cider vinegar, or PSMF (Protein-Sparing Modified Fast), or the Paleo Diet, or is your diet Perfectly Balanced? I might have missed a few options. In our COVID 19 pandemic there are new ideas. Are you getting enough vitamin D? After decades of fast food and other unhealthy eating, we have a pandemic of health problems, often called metabolic syndrome, and often leading to permanent diabetes. This is happening in the wealthiest parts of the world, where we have an abundance of food at low prices. It seems that we make bad choices, when we have the power to choose. Here is my version of the “Bratman Test,” a method to test if you have Orthorexia Nervosa, or maybe a food religion: Does your healthy diet interfere with relationships and your social life? Do you feel guilty if you eat food not approved for your diet, and do you judge others who break your rules? Does …