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65 | Is there a secret message in the dead fig tree incident?

In this podcast I want to discuss one of the more puzzling stories in Gospels and perhaps even offer a bit of an explanation of the secret message that Jesus was trying to pass on. It involves the time that Jesus cursed a fig tree, because it bore no fruit.

Does the “Sandwich theory” help us understand a puzzling Bible story?

[by Dean Smith] In Matthew 21:18-22, we have the strange story of the fig tree. Jesus who was hungry saw a lone fig tree by the road and went to it looking for figs. When He found no figs, Jesus cursed the tree and it withered and died. The disciples were shocked by what happened and Jesus gave them a brief teaching on faith and they continued their journey into Jerusalem. However, what makes the story a bit odd is that it was not the season for the fig tree to produce fruit — which Mark notes (Mark 11:13). Jesus and the disciples knew this and in this odd statement we realize one thing — the story is not about the fig tree.