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Lies and Deception: Are you a fact-checker?

You probably have a phone like mine. I get news that I didn’t ask for, and it comes to me all day, every day. Some are information, some are manipulation, and some are advertising for things I could buy. I also can learn about the lives of movie stars. We also have polarized truth. The vegans believe they have found the truth and the truth is meat-free, but the carnivores think they have the truth, and it is vegan-free. We also have political arguments, and polarized news about our health, and what did I miss? We are divided. I used to try to read it all, but I have learned, there are news sites that I can go to any time. I can just pick a favourite, and it will give me a summary of just about everything I should know. If a site seems biased and slanted, I can change to a new one with just a click. Since I learned that, I start my day by scrolling to the bottom of the “news” …

Facebook’s fact-checker gets fact-checked

We reported recently how Candace Owens’ Facebook post/video was labelled as false information by an organization used by Facebook to fact-check content. Candace Owens is a popular black Conservative woman. Owens’ video stated at the time that Biden was “literally and legally not the President-elect” which he isn’t until he is approved by the electoral college. However, Facebook’s fact-checker declared her video as “false” and the same message was given to everyone who shared it.