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How good are you, really?

Your mother told you to be good, and so did your father. It turns out, goodness, also known as virtue, is complicated. A skilled teacher can tell us how to be good, but then we have to make the decisions and act on what we know. The Bible says we are without excuse and it is clear that we can know the right thing. But, knowing is the easy part. Human history shows that we have problems with doing. My way to find God was to ask for help with doing. I wanted to be more than educated, but the knowledge was a good start. READ: Virtue Ethics

Ethics without God?

[by Dean Smith] The Boston Globe is reporting that 64 students at Dartmouth College, based in Hanover, New Hampshire, were disciplined, ironically, for cheating on a sports ethics class. Dartmouth, founded in 1769 by a Christian minister, is an Ivy league school. Over 70% of the 280 students in the class were part of Dartmouth’s athletic programs. During exams, students use electronic devices to click the right answer. In this particular class, some students, who didn’t show up for the exam, had given their devices to other students to answer the questions for them.