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Employment: Do we have a future?

“Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?” Do you know that old song? It sounds like a Christian gospel song, except Janis Joplin, who sang it starting in 1970, was making fun of materialistic Christians. There is some truth in every criticism, and my friends and I knew the truth, when we heard the song. The point I got from that song is that my Christian life was more than an extension of the surrounding culture; it was a whole new life. We live in a world of greedy and materialistic people, and Christians can be greedy and materialistic people who also go to church. Janis Joplin was mocking those shallow religious pretenders. The truth comes from many places. We could pray for a few things, or we could have a new life. So, what is new for us in this terrible year of 2020? We need something new. On Thursday of last week, I was told to log into an online staff meeting, for my work. I expected something boring, and it …

US weekly unemployment claims drop below 1 million

The US economic recovery is ahead of schedule. For the first time since the coronavirus lockdowns began, the number of people making unemployment claims fell below the one million mark, on a weekly measure. The Daily Wire explains: During the week ending on Aug. 8, roughly 963,000 workers filed unemployment claims, according to data released by the Department of Labor on Thursday. The number came in lower than expected as economists predicted that claims numbers would remain about the 1 million mark, according to Fox Business. […] The better than expected unemployment report is another sign that the U.S. economy may be on the path to recovery despite fears of a second wave of the disease and some states re-imposing strict lockdown orders to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The unemployment rate peaked at 15% in April but fell to 10.2% in July. READ: Weekly Unemployment Claims Beat Expectations, Fall Under 1M For First Time Since Pandemic Began