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ICU death rates for Covid are significantly dropping

According to an article published in the medical journal Anaesthesia, the death rates for people with Covid in hospital Emergency Care Units has significant dropped since the early days of the infection. The Blaze reports: The research, led by Professor Tim Cook of England’s Royal United Hospitals Bath, revealed that the overall mortality rate of coronavirus ICU patients fell from approximately 60 percent since the end of March to 42 percent by the end of May. The researchers attributed this in part to better care, as medical staff learned how to more effectively treat Coronavirus patients. READ: COVID-19 patients’ ICU death rates are quickly dropping: Study There may also be another explanation. In early June, a top Italian doctor, Dr. Matteo Bassetti, reported that, “the strength the virus had two months ago is not the same strength it has today.” READ: Coronavirus becoming much less lethal, virus is losing its ‘potency,’ top doctor reveals

Shawn Bolz prophesied the ‘panic’ associated with the Coronavirus was ‘exaggerated,’ two studies suggest he might be right

When Shawn Bolz came out with his prophecy at the end of February about the Coronavirus pandemic, one thing that caught my attention was his suggestion that the fear associated with this pandemic was exaggerated. Bolz wrote: “The exaggerated fear based tactics of both the enemy and several media outlets for political reasons is coming to an end. The enemy has been trying to distract and steal from several equally important purposes and issues by dominating airwaves with conspiracy and fear.” Shawn Bolz Prophecy, Charisma News At the time he gave this word, the concerns about COVID-19 was just gaining steam and his suggestion was clearly opposite of the prevailing opinion. Now it is obvious that this virus is concerning particularly for those with pre-existing conditions and those who are older and have weakened immune systems because of their age. However, nearly a month after Bolz gave that prophecy two reports are suggesting that maybe he was right. The first involves a study conducted by Harvard University and the Hong Kong’s School of Public Health …