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Protesters and Their Message: What truth?

Probably the whole world knows that a man named George Floyd died after being detained by police, on May 25, 2020. After the death of George Floyd, demonstrators went into the streets in many cities, around the world. The demonstrations grew, and persisted, and became violent. Probably the most important development was that the demonstrations became news stories, and we all started watching and reading. We were interested and we all started to form opinions. It’s important to remember that our news come from corporations, and they like making money. Even government-owned news sources like to attract audiences and sell advertising. In a strange development, George Floyd was a gold mine for media corporations. The whole world watched and read the news about his death, and the demonstrations. Like any other business, news corporations have to pay their bills too, and a world audience of billions is their gold. READ: Killing of George Floyd: Wikipedia And then other demonstrators became interested. 2020 is the year of Covid 19, and it is probably no coincidence that …

The Truth Conspiracy

Conspiracies are everywhere these days. Many conspiracy theories surround secret societies and what the rich and powerful really do behind closed doors. Maybe some of them are true. It would be a strange world if all of them were true. The ones that seem more fantastic are great plots for science fiction and horror movies. The ones that seem plausible or at least less fantastic are interesting and provide for great conversations.