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A hint of how humans were to function before we fell into sin?

I have a theory about how people were supposed to function before Adam and Eve fell into sin and it comes from Savants. Savants are people who often display incredible, super-human like abilities in certain areas such as math, music, art, memory, but it is often accompanied by other mental impairments. In an article on Psychology Today, Michael Jawer says that Savants have incredible memories allowing them to perform seemingly impossible feats. Jawer cites a 14-year-old blind boy who flawlessly played Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto #1 after only hearing it once or Kim Peek who was able to read books extremely fast by using his right eye to read the right page and his left eye to read the left page and could completely memorize a book by just reading it once. There are others who can do incredible mathematical calculations and some who can tell you the day of the week of any given date. According to Jawer, while these people lack in other mental aspects, they have a tremendous memory, but it is narrow …

Will LED lights expose our ‘filthy rags?’

“And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment;” (Isaiah 64:6 NASV) Remember the old slogan, “whiter than white?” For years, laundry soap manufacturers have used a little trick to keep clothes looking white, and it has nothing to do with making them cleaner. Lighter and white clothes in particular have a tendency to yellow as they age. Over time, it can leave the impression clothes aren’t clean. To get around this, manufacturers started adding a substance to the detergent called “Florescent Whitening Agents” (FWAs). A whole range of chemicals fall into this category — including such tongue twisters as tetra-sulfonated triazole-stilbenes. The first of these FWAs was discovered in 1929, which gives you some idea how long this has been going on.

Confessions of a Bible thief

It took 42 years, but a stolen Bible was finally returned to Holy Trinity Church in Hastings, England. The Bible’s arrival — from Germany — was expected. A couple weeks earlier, Simon Scott, the church’s treasurer had received an anonymous letter explaining how and why a 200 year-old Bible had been stolen from the church in 1971. In a letter reported in the Hastings Observer, the person writes: “It may be astonishing to you to receive a letter from one whom you do not know. More than ever to receive a parcel which contains an old Bible. In 1971 I was just married and went with my wife to Hastings to upgrade our English knowledge for a better start in our occupations. The English lesson we had were in some rather