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Justin Bieber in concert. Photo: Joe Bielawa/Flickr

Pop star Justin Bieber ‘comes out’ about his faith in an interview with ‘Complex Magazine’

In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber had some interesting things to say about Jesus, Christianity and the Church. There have been reports over the past several months that Justin is making a serious attempt to straighten out his life — and a big part of it has been his return to Christianity. Justin comes from a Christian home and has a praying mom. This past spring, the mega pop star was even seen attending a music worship conference put on by Australia’s Hillsong, but it was noted he wore a controversial Marilyn Manson t-shirt one day. Though some question the sincerity of Justin’s faith, it is becoming increasingly clear that he is serious and it is changing his life. For a while it seemed he was getting in trouble with the law almost weekly from drag racing while intoxicated with an expired driver’s license in Florida to accusations of assault in Canada, but more recently Justin’s biggest controversies center on his faith in Christ. In his interview with Complex …