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City of Toronto Credit: Duncan Rawlinson/ Commons

What’s going on in Toronto?

You might have heard the news, a man with a gun walked down a quiet street in Toronto and shot people who were enjoying a warm summer evening. Many people were injured and at this time, two have died, a girl and a young woman. The alleged killer, Faisal Hussain, was a Muslim from a Pakistani immigrant family. Faisal’s brother is in a coma from a drug overdose, and his father has Parkinson’s disease and there is a history, in their community, of dangerous drug gangs. That’s where the guns and bullets allegedly came from. Also, ISIS has now claimed Faisal was one of their soldiers. RELATED: ISIS claims of responsibility for Toronto shooting raise questions of credibility: CBC If we ever learn the truth, we will probably find a toxic mix of immigrant desperation, with all the sources of stress we can imagine. All the bad things seemed to pile on that young man. If there is a good life, he could see it but he couldn’t live it. The authorities, including police and …

City of Toronto banning Christian music festival in Younge Dundas Square because they sing about Jesus. Photo: Google

Toronto bans Christian music festival in city square because they sing about Jesus

Lifesite News is reporting that the City of Toronto has refused to issue a license giving a Christian organization permission to use the Younge-Dundas Square for its music festival next year. The group called Voices of the Nations (VON) has operated the festival since 2006 and has used the city square located in downtown Toronto since 2010. The refusal did not affect this year’s event, but prevented VON from using the area going forward. The festival features Christian bands and dance groups. This year’s celebration held August 1 had 19 Christian groups participating. For five years, VON has pre-booked the site for the next year’s festival with no problem. When they tried to do that this year, the Square’s Manager of Events Natalie Belman said no. She told the group they were proselytizing at the event which is against City of Toronto policy. When VON events coordinator Leye Oyelani asked who was proselytizing, according to transcripts released to Lifesite, Belman said: “If you’re praising Jesus, praise the Lord and there’s no God like Jehovah, that …