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Portland, Oregon Photo Roger/Flickr

Why is Oregon turning into a dangerous place for Christians?

It is s strange question, but one that needs to be asked. In 2013 a lesbian couple approached Sweetcakes by Melissa, a bakery owned by a Christian couple Aaron and Melissa Klein, to make a cake for their wedding. Though the Kleins had made cakes for gays in the past, they were reluctant to create one for gay wedding because of their Christian beliefs. The lesbians complained to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries and in 2015 its commissioner Brad Avakian ruled that the Klein’s must pay a fine of $135,000 for refusing to make a $200 cake. Many are calling the fine an abuse of power, with the punishment grossly exceeding the crime. The Kleins are refusing to pay and are wanting their day in court before a real judge. But as weird as it sounds, even though they were forced to close their business in part due to threats, the Oregon couple got off lucky, because they escaped with their lives after standing up for their beliefs. Reports are now coming in …

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder, denounces the terrorist organization

As Israel and Hamas continue to battle in the Gaza strip, CNN released a stunning interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef, 36, a former Hamas and son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef. His father, a powerful Sheik living in the West Bank, helped start the terrorist organization in 1987. But Mosab not only left Hamas, he also left the Muslim faith and became a Christian. The conflict started a few weeks ago when the terrorist group Hamas, that now controls Gaza, unleashed an unrelenting barrage of missiles on Israel.  A key part of Hamas’ defense strategy includes hiding its forces within civilian populations hoping civilian deaths would turn public opinion against Israel. But the media, which is traditionally anti Israel, is starting to see Hamas for what it really is — a brutally violent, terrorist organization. In the CNN interview, Mosab said:

The lost coins of Jesus?

Dr. Ronald Stewart, using special imaging equipment, believes coins dated to 33-47 AD depict the life of Jesus. Stewart says the hand-struck coins were part of a popular art form called “Portable Coinage Art”  first introduced by Grecian emperors in 336-300 BC and later popularized by Roman emperors. People of financial means would have sets of coins created to memorialize significant people. These coins would depict notable events of a person’s life in pictorial form starting on one side of the coin and continuing on the other side. 

Has Jerusalem’s house of sedition been discovered?

Believe it or not, the discovery of a bath tub in an ancient building in Jerusalem has archaeologists wondering if they stumbled upon the house of the High Priest Caiaphas. Caiaphas and his home played a major role in Jesus’ crucifixion. The find occurred during a dig on Mount Zion by a team of archaeologists from the University of North Carolina. During the excavation, the group came upon a large palace-type home. Its size plus other features suggest it housed a significant player in Jerusalem’s ruling class in Jesus’ day. They estimate the mansion had upwards of 20 rooms over several floors. Oddly, one of the clues that sparked this conclusion was the discovery of an indoor bathroom complete with a bathtub — a rarity for this time.