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Poll: 67% of Canadians say Canada is broken

A recent survey conducted by Leger found that 67% of Canadians agree that Canada is broken and that is because the Government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not focussing on issues that matter to Canadians, the National Post reports. While the legacy media suggests that it is just old white men who are complaining about the country’s woke and out-of-touch Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Leger says that is not true The poll found: In addition, over 50% expressed anger over how Prime Minister Trudeau is running the country and 20% stated they were ‘very angry.’ This is due largely to Trudeau implementing policies that suit his personal left-wing agenda instead of focussing on issues that matter to Canadians. When it comes to issues important to average Canadians, 68% stated that inflation is their biggest concern and only 28% believe the Trudeau government recognizes this is a serious problem. READ: Opinion: 67% agree Canada is broken — and here’s why