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Credit: Ajith Kumar/Flickr/Creative Commons

Did being caught up to Paul’s ‘Third Heaven’ lead to a miraculous recovery for brain dead teen?

The media describes him as the “Miracle Boy” from Mobile, Alabama. Two months ago, Trenton McKinley, 13, was in a trailer being pulled by a dune buggy when the person driving slammed on the brakes forcing the trailer to flip. They were driving on cement and Trenton was thrown out and the trailer landed on his head. Unconscious, he was rushed to hospital. By the time his mother, Jennifer Reindl, arrived, her son had been dead for 15 minutes. His heart kept stopping and they were rebooting it using adrenaline. According to Fox News, the doctors gave Trenton little hope adding that even if he came out of the coma he would be a vegetable because of oxidation. The only thing keeping him alive was life support. After going several days of registering no brain activity, the doctors finally told Jennifer there was nothing more that could be done. If his heart stopped again, they would not use adrenaline to restart it. One Saturday a few weeks back, the doctors told Jennifer they would keep …