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Video: A Jewish man’s analysis of the Shroud of Turin

I have never been exactly sure what to think about the Shroud of Turin, which some believe was the burial cloth used to cover Christ’s body in the tomb. The shroud has an image of a man somehow etched in the cloth, that not only includes blood stains but seems to reveal the wounds of a man who had been crucified. Some believe this image was somehow burned into the cloth at Christ’s resurrection. Note: burn is the wrong word to use to describe how it happened. Though I have tended to reject it as legitimate, this video by Barrie Schwortz, who was part of a team of experts called in to examine the cloth several years back, has caused me to at least reconsider my position. Schwortz is convinced of its legitimacy. But here is the catcher, he is not only Jewish, but he was also a skeptic when asked to help examine the shroud.