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Temple of Bel (Baa)l at Palymira, Syria prior to its destruction by ISIS in 2015 Credit: Egisto Sani/Flickr/Creative Commons

Was it a coincidence? Or was there something sinister behind the arch of Baal recently set up in Washington, DC?

In 2016, the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) announced it was producing full-scale (48′ high) replica of the Arch of Baal that it would put on display in cities around the world. Produced with 3-D printers in China, IDA decided to produce a replica after ISIS destroyed the original arch in 2015 that were part of a Baal temple found in Palmyra, Syria. At the end of September, 2018, the Baal arch was set up in the National Mall in Washington, DC in sight of the US capital. Since the arch was actually a gateway to the ancient Baal temple, when news surfaced of its arrival in Washington some Christians were concerned it might give the demonic a unique ability to influence US society. Baal was one of the major ancient deities of the Middle East that was constantly trying to seduce Israel away from Jehovah. He was considered a fertility god and god of the weather and was often portrayed with a thunderbolt in his hand. The Bible is clear that these ancient idols …

Temple of Baal in Palmra, Syria. Photo: oriana.italy/Flickr/Creative Commons

¿Está llegando un Templo de Baal a una ciudad cercana a ti?

English version: Is a Temple of Baal coming to a city near you? Según un artículo publicado en el New York Post, el Instituto de Arqueología Digital (IDA) presentará el mes próximo una réplica de tamaño completo del Templo de Baal en la ciudad de Nueva York y Londres, con planes para construir 1.000 más en otras ciudades. El IDA es un proyecto patrocinado por la Universidad de Oxford, la Universidad de Harvard y el Museo del Futuro de Dubai. Según el Post, el templo de Nueva York será instalado como parte de un evento del Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO en Abril. De pie 48 ‘de altura, estos arcos Baal se están construyendo en China con impresoras 3-D. Los altares se establecerán en lugares prominentes – Times Square en Nueva York y Trafalgar Square en Londres. Se reproducirán los arcos de un Templo Baal de 2.000 años de antigüedad ubicado en Siria destruido por ISIS en agosto de 2015. Baal era un dios cananeo que Israel encontró varias veces después de que entraron en …

Temple of Baal in Palmra, Syria. Photo: oriana.italy/Flickr/Creative Commons

Is a Temple of Baal coming to a city near you?

Español: ¿Está llegando un Templo de Baal a una ciudad cercana a ti? According to an article in the New York Post, next month the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) will unveil a full-sized replica of the Temple of Baal in New York City and London, England with plans to build 1,000 more in other cities. The IDA is a project sponsored by the University of Oxford, Harvard University and Dubai’s Museum of the Future. According to the Post, the temple in New York will be installed as part of an UNESCO’s World Heritage event in April. Standing 48′ tall, these Baal arches are being built in China using 3-D printers. The altars will be set up in prominent locations — Times Square in New York and Trafalgar Square in London. They will replicate the arches of a 2,000-year-old Baal Temple located in Syria destroyed by ISIS in August, 2015. Baal was a Canaanite god that Israel encountered several times after they entered the Promised Land. This god was supposedly in charge of the weather …