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83 | A believer’s authority and power

In this podcast, I discuss the strange declarations that the Apostle Peter and Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, made that led to incredible healings. It speaks of the authority and power, Christ has given believers.

An angel unaware, maybe, but definitely God’s protection

CBN recently reported on the incredible rescue of missionaries ministering in Haiti?  Some wonder if an angel was involved. Probably not, but at the very least it was divine intervention. The economic collapse of Venezuela due to its Marxist policies has severely impacted Haiti. For years, the country has benefited from low cost gas from Venezuela, but with its own economic collapse Venezuela stopped those shipments last year resulting in Haiti’s gas price shooting up by over 50%. Haitians took to the streets protesting the increase and since then there has been a growing unrest as warlords and gangs have set no go zones in the country. But that hadn’t stopped missionaries from Living Waters Ministries from continuing their work in some of the more dangerous areas of Haiti. Led by Fred Chalker, the ministry was building a community center at a location outside Port-au-Prince and was transporting supplies and computers to the center with two vehicles. As they drove down the road, they encountered over 100 armed Haitian men, many with guns, who had …