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Report: Spike in church attacks in Germany and France

According to a report released by Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe (OIDACE), a Vienna-based watchdog, there has been a spike in attacks on churches in Germany and France, Breitbart reports. This included arson attacks on three Paris churches in the third week of January. Two of the churches, Saint Martin des Champs and Saint-Laurent, had Molotov cocktails thrown at the church and the third, Notre-Dame-de-Fatima, experienced two separate arson attacks that included spraying a flammable liquid on its door and setting it on fire. Paris police classified the three attacks as “religiously motivated voluntary damage by means of incendiary devices.” Meanwhile, in Germany, millions of dollars of damage was caused after a 39-year-old man broke through the back door of the historical Baroque Church of the Cross in Wisson. Once inside, he destroyed several religious symbols and set fire to the church’s 17th-century altar. The resulting fire destroyed the altar and also severely damaged the walls and ceiling paintings. READ: Report: Church Vandalism Spree Strikes Germany and France