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Left-wing protestors hope police children are raped & killed

It started off as an anti-Trump protest in New York City, as pro-Trump caravans were circulating in the city. But it quickly veered off into an anti-police protest, as radical left-wing protestors completely lost it and turned on the police. One protestor was videoed shouting she hoped the kids of police are “raped and killed.”

Nearly 500 NYPD injured in anti-police protests

Since the anti-police protests started at the end of May, nearly 500 police officers in New York City have been injured in the line of duty. Breitbart explains: More than 470 New York City police officers have been injured in the line of duty due to anti-police protests since May of this year, according to data through September 24 from the department and the New York Post. Black Lives Matter protests, sparked across the nation after the death of George Floyd, sent thousands of people flooding the streets of major American cities, including one of the largest, New York City. Officials from the department have stated that officers have been on the receiving end of Molotov cocktails, shot at, stabbed, hit with rocks and bricks, and hit by vehicles. Of the 472 who reported injuries, 319 of those needed medical attention from a hospital. Seven of those who were injured were admitted into a hospital, such as Lt. Richard Mack, who was severely beaten as he made an arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge in July. READ: Nearly 500 …