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Study: Antarctica and the Arctic have not warmed in 70 years despite increasing CO2 emissions

Climate Alarmists have been warning for years that because of man-made global warming, the Antarctica ice caps were going to melt and basically wash away our coastal cities. In August 2021, the left-wing website, Salon, posted an article entitled, “This is what New York City will look like after climate change” to stoke those fears of what will happen if we don’t quit driving SUVs. It wrote that “Scalding temperatures, rising sea levels and changing weather will fundamentally remake the Big Apple.” But there is a problem with this hyper-fear mongering because it seems that despite record amounts of CO2 still being poured into the earth’s atmosphere, the Arctic and Antarctica have not gotten warmer over the past seventy years. The Daily Skeptic provides more details: “A recent paper from two climate scientists (Singh and Polvani) accepts that Antarctica has not warmed in the last seven decades, despite an increase in the atmospheric greenhouse gases. It is noted that the two polar regions present a “conundrum” for understanding present day climate change, as recent warming differs …

No God in Antarctica?

An old Sailor’s proverb is; south of the fortieth parallel there is no law, and south of the fiftieth there is no God. Only a few people live on the icy continent of Antarctica, south of the fortieth parallel, and the whole economy is scientific research. That tiny population, living in temporary dormitories, is one place where I wouldn’t expect to find people worshipping God. Maybe it’s a surprise, but people always reach out to God, on any continent. The worship of God in Antarctica is a picture of people anywhere. READ: God in a cold climate