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Proof of Alien life declared a ‘false positive’

There was big excitement among the alien-believing crowd when Break Through Initiative announced in 2020 that it had discovered what it described as an ‘intriguing’ signal emanating from Proxima Centauri, which is the closest sun nearest the earth.

Scratch off ‘Proxima b’ for alien life

I think most atheists have been watching too much Star Trek or Star Wars because they believe these movies are science, not entertainment. Because in these movies, the actors are regularly scanning other solar systems and finding planets with alien life at different levels of technological advancement. Sometimes, they find two or three planets sustaining alien life in the same solar system.

No infrared, no proof, but still most atheists believe in aliens

[by Dean Smith] It is a strange irony. While on one hand atheists claim they can’t believe in God because there is no scientific evidence to prove His existence, yet polls show the majority of atheists believe in aliens even though there is no scientific evidence to prove their existence. Oh sure, there are YouTube videos of people claiming aliens abducted them for experimentation, but that is hardly evidence. In fact, in a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel, famed atheist and physicist Stephen Hawking expressed concern about an advanced alien society plundering earth’s resources along the Hollywood theme of War of the Worlds or Independence Day. Well, Hawking and other like-minded atheists needn’t worry, Penn State just released its analysis of 100,000 galaxies probed by NASA’s Wise space observatory. They were looking for evidence of advanced alien civilizations and found none.