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New, more virulent form of HIV discovered in Cuba

Cuban Doctors have discovered a more lethal form of HIV in some patients on that island nation. Normally, it takes anywhere from five to 10 years for HIV to develop into full-blown AIDs. An individual’s health usually plays a role in how quickly that happens. However, this new form of HIV is making the transition in three years and the individual’s health does not seem to be a factor.

New strain of HIV: More aggressive and more dangerous

Researchers at Lund University’s Clinical Virology, based in Sweden, say they have identified a new species of HIV. It is much more virulent and aggressive than previous strains of HIV and can lead to full-blown AIDs in just five years, earlier than any other strain. According to the researchers there are about 60 strains of “epidemic” HIV in the world. The researchers stated the new species of HIV called A3/02 originated in West Africa and to this point has not spread out.