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Study: You are only as old as you feel

A three-year study conducted by researchers with the German Center of Gerontology concluded that how you think of aging impacts how well you age. It confirms that old saying you are only as old as you feel.

49 | Thinking old?

FOLLOW OUR PODCASTS ON: Itunes Stitcher Spotify Google Play IHeartRadio TuneIn Podchaser PODCAST NOTES: Hi my name is Dean Smith and in this podcast, I want to discuss the question: Does how we think, affect how we age? But first let me ask you a question: At what age does a person officially become old? So what age did you pick? A recent survey of 2,000 Americans commissioned by LetsGetChecked asked that very question. This survey concluded that you are officially old when you turn 57. When I read the number I was absolutely shocked and also concerned because if we think we are old at just 57, could this potentially impact our aging process? As well, they provided some top indicators that you have officially reached old age. 39% listed an increased concern about health. 36% said more wrinkles. 35% listed grey hair And perhaps what was most disturbing is that 34% said hair loss. Good grief I was losing hair by the time I was 30. But in England, a similar survey of …

What I saw in the doctor’s office

[by Dean Smith] I was waiting in the doctor’s office for an appointment when I saw it — another confirmation of the Book of Genesis. The waiting area is a large room with eight rows of padded chairs down the middle.  In the far corner, there is an enclosed play area for children. Only a choice few chairs have arms. I quickly sat in one of those. The room was half full of people with various ailments. Old to young. Mostly women.