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Pro-abortion protestors shout “hail satan”

A disturbing video has appeared of pro-abortion protestors in Austin, Texas opposing a state bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. A pro-life woman is addressing the crowd at the Texas state legislature. At the 3:35 mark, one person utters the phrase “hail satan” and the chanting starts at 5:15. This is not the first time pro-choice protestors were videoed “hailing satan.” Despite the protests and delaying tactics, Texas Governor Rick Perry is still intent on passing the law.

2 million March for Jesus in Brazil

An estimated 2 million evangelicals participated in this year’s “March for Jesus” in Sao Paulo Brazil on June 29, 2013. Brazil’s March for Jesus is considered the largest of its kind in the world and numbers doubled last year’s march. Brazilians have taken to the streets in recent weeks protesting the political corruption in that country. While those protests resulted in vandalism and clashes with police, the March for Jesus was a peaceful demonstration. The theme for this year’s march was “New Time” focusing on the need for change in Brazil.