Author: Joel Wells

You are significant in God's eyes.

The power of Significance

Over a decade ago a woman spoke at our church and prophesied about God’s call on my life to preach the gospel. Up until then, I was fairly mediocre in my pursuit of God and my passion to serve Him. But that night, this woman spoke into areas and dreams of my life that I had never told anyone. I dreamed of preaching the gospel in fields and stadiums to thousands of people. At that time I don’t think I had even preached a sermon. Yet, I would find myself imagining that I was an evangelist like Rinehard Bonnke. I never told a soul about these dreams and I thought they were just foolish imaginations. I didn’t even know if preaching was something I even wanted to do. So when this woman prophesied that I had dreamed of hundreds and thousands and stadiums and that God was going to give this too me, I was stunned and overwhelmed. These ideas were not my crazy imagination, but had originated in the heart of God and were …