Author: Dean Smith

Are micro churches, the church of the future?

The COVID lockdowns has caused some church leaders to take a second look at their church structures. Typically, most churches have meetings on Sunday morning in a larger building with one main pastor/teacher leading the service. But the lockdowns are challenging that structure as governments are fining, and in some instances even threatening jail time, if churches continue meeting on Sunday morning. With the lockdowns continuing into 2021, and in some instances with harsher restrictions that 2020, some churches are adapting. There is a new trend emerging called micro churches involving smaller gatherings of between 10 and 40 people. They typically meet in homes or a neutral setting such as coffee shops, and they are fully functioning churches. Many larger congregations already utilize house churches that meet during the week in addition to the main Sunday morning service. These additional meetings are often poorly attended, because if busy, people typically cut out the house church meeting since it is not considered the “church’s main service.” But some are wondering if these smaller groups should be …

Manufacture a COVID crisis: Claim hospitals are overrun

Britain is verging on a second or third lockdown that will be far more restrictive than the first, because apparently hospitals are being overrun with COVID patients. Well, someone decided to clip the headlines from The Guardian, a left-wing newspaper in England, that each winter traditionally publishes articles warning that Britain’s hospitals are on the verge of collapse because they are being overrun with patients.

‘Trust in Jesus’ t-shirt deemed a political message?

A lawsuit is pending against election officials in Hart, Michigan, when Margaret Wittman, who was hired as an election worker, was not allowed to work when she showed up at the polling station during the November 2020 Federal election wearing a t-shirt reading, “My heart will TRUST in you JESUS.” The lawsuit alleges, that when Wittman refused to cover-up her t-shirt, she was told to go home because it was considered a political message.

US Congressman ends prayer with ‘amen’ & ‘awoman’

The United States House of Representatives is going woke in a blaze of political-correct glory. As we reported earlier, House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi wants to remove all gender words, such as father, mother, son, and daughter, from being used by the House. So keeping with the theme, Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, an ordained Methodist preacher, recently opened the 117th Congress in prayer closing with “amen and a-woman.”

Did lockdowns cause a dramatic rise in liver disease?

In Britain, many are wondering why there has been such a dramatic increase in alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) in 2020 compared to 2019. While some point their finger at COVID related anxiety others are blaming the lockdowns and their related job losses, financial stress and social isolation as the real reason. Caused by excessive drinking, ARLD kills approximately 8,000 people during a typical year in Britain.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

One of Britain’s more infamous UFO cases has finally been solved. It involved the reported sighting of a UFO that landed at a US nuclear base, home to several US nuclear warheads, in Britain on Dec. 26, 1980. It became known as Britain’s Roswell as several witnesses, including an air force officer, Lt Colonel Charles Halt, reported seeing an alien aircraft.

Union leader basks in the sun as she opposes schools re-opening

Many of the teachers’ unions are battling any attempts to have kids returning to in person teaching. Of course, they are citing fears of the COVID-1984 pandemic as the reason. One of those leading the charge against reopening schools is a left-leaning leader of the Chicago Teachers Union. I completely understand why she is opposed. I mean who wants to be in blustery Chicago in mid winter, when you could be relaxing at a pool in Puerto Rico?

Caribbean island volcanoes awaken

The prophet Joel wrote of events leading up to the coming Day of the Lord and in one of his visions marking the endtimes he saw column(s), plural, of smoke/ash pouring into the sky that darkened the sun and caused the moon to turn red (Joel 2:30-31). Along that theme, a recent article in the Daily Mail reports that volcanoes in the Caribbean are starting to come to life: Residents of St Vincent and the Grenadines have been told to evacuate their homes as a volcano begins to spew ash from a newly formed dome after lying dormant for decades. Authorities have issued an alert for the area, affecting more than 100,000 people, as scientists assess the latest eruption.  On Tuesday officials warned of strong gas emissions, formation of a new volcanic dome and changes to its crater lake at the La Soufriere volcano.   Today the alert level was raised to an orange, with suggestions the volcano could erupt within a day and advising people from Fancy in the north of the island to Georgetown …

The hospital bed COVID game?

Nearly all of Britain was in a serious political lockdown over Christmas because of COVID-19 and of course, as we reported earlier, police actually arrested a woman who went into her local hospital and videoed the empty wards which everyone thought were full of people with COVID. Well, a Freedom of Information request reveals on how overrun the hospitals were in the island nation during 2020 as compared to previous years:

Does a ritual bath confirm the location of the Garden of Gethsemane?

Oddly, the discovery of a ritual bath, also known as a mikveh, at the Church of Gethsemane (officially called The Church of All Nations and the Basilica of the Agony) may confirm that this is the site of the Garden of Gethsemane that was visited often by Jesus and His disciples The church and associated garden, located outside the walls of Old Jerusalem, is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Israel and is typically visited by millions each year. The word Gethsemane means oil press and its location at the base of the Mt of Olives makes sense as the ancient Jews built their oil presses near where the olives were grown to limit handling and transportation. Both Mark (Mark 14:32-42) and Mathew (Matthew 26:36-56) referred to it as Garden of Gethsemane which would suggest the garden contained an oil press. Speaking for the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), archaeologist Amit Re’em explains: “Two thousand years ago, it was a field outside the walls of Jerusalem, full [of] olive trees and in the middle of …

Communist China: Jailed for doing God’s will?

On Dec. 28, 2020, China’s despotic communist regime sentenced a young woman, Zhang Zhan, 37, to four years in prison for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” in the communist regime. Zhan, a former lawyer, was working as a citizen journalist when she went to Wuhan, China in February 2020 to report on the COVID-19 pandemic that had broken out in the city. She shared videos showing empty streets and packed hospitals to reveal the full extent of the crisis that was taking place. In some of her videos, she criticized the communist regime’s attempts to silence whistleblowers and as well its harsh lock down that included welding the doors of people’s home shut and sealing their windows with metal bars so they couldn’t escape. In one of her last videos Zhan reported “The government’s way of managing this city has just been intimidation and threats. This is truly the tragedy of this country.” Shortly after this, Zhan was arrested. Many believe the severity of Zhan’s sentence reveals the regimes desire to stamp out any dissenting …

Video: Dr. Seheult speaks about vitamin D & COVID

Lifesite News recently reported on a viral interview with Professor Roger Seheult, from California’s Loma Linda University School of Medicine, who spoke of several studies revealing how low levels of vitamin D make people more susceptible to the coronavirus. The video also explains the other important roles that vitamin D, which also functions as a hormone, plays in the human body. Lifesite News explains: According to a now viral interview with Professor Roger Seheult of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, several studies show that people with higher amounts of Vitamin D in their blood are less likely to test positive for COVID-19 than people with Vitamin D deficiency. Another study has shown that COVID-positive patients treated with hydroxylated Vitamin D were less likely to need admittance to ICU than COVID-positive patients in the placebo group. Still another study showed that COVID-positive patients treated with Vitamin D were more likely to be COVID-negative in 21 days than their counterparts in the placebo group. READ: Vitamin D may protect against COVID-19, improve survival outcomes This video also …

The importance of the word ‘in’

Sometimes we completely underestimate the importance of some of the smallest words in the English vocabulary. Today, I want to talk about the simple two-letter word ‘in’ and more specifically how it is used when the Apostle Paul tells us: 18 In [èv] everything give thanks; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 NASV) Notice in this verse, that Paul did not say to be thankful ‘for’ all things but rather to be thankful ‘in’ all things. The Greek word for ‘in’ is the equally short word ‘èv’ and means simply to be inside, into, or in and when used in the sense of time “during.” Simply, the Apostle Paul was encouraging believers that no matter what circumstance we are in, we need to be giving thanks, literally finding things to be thankful for. In a sense we are offering up sacrifices of thanksgiving, because in some situations it is the last thing we want to do, and being thankful requires a sacrifice of our mind, will and …

Is it time to even out the lockdowns?

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but the politicians and health bureaucrats who are pushing lockdowns are also the same people who are not losing their jobs and salaries when they are implemented. Maybe it is time to even out the lockdowns by having everyone take an equal cut in pay. In a letter to the Calgary Sun, (Calgary, Canada), Mike Soch explains the concept. His letter is entitled, “No, we are not all in this together.”

Lockdowns: Long-term mental health fallout

Psychiatrists’ warnings about the long-term mental-health fallout from COVID-1984 lockdowns have been falling upon politically-deaf ears for months. The latest to raise concerns is Dr Adrian James, the president of Britain’s Royal College of Psychiatrists. James warned that the country will be paying a “profound” price for the lockdowns, long after they have ended.

The voice of God & the Nashville bombing

You have may have heard about the bomb that exploded on Christmas morning in Nashville, TN. Six police officers risked their lives notifying people in the area to get out after the RV, where the bomb was planted, had a recording warning people to get out of the area. One of the officers believed he heard the voice of God and that his obedience may have saved his life. After helping clear the area, officer James Wells moved his vehicle, after he got out and started walking towards other police officers who were on the other side of the RV, Wells heard the voice of God. The Daily Wire explains what happened next: At that point, I get out, and I’m starting to go back toward Luellen and (Officer Brenda) Hosey, and as I’m getting ready to walk toward them, walking back toward the RV, this might not be politically correct, but this is my truth: I literally heard God tell me to turn around and go check on Topping, who was by herself down …

The other ‘looming’ pandemic

It was surprising to read this on the CBC website. As Canada’s state-owned broadcaster, the left-leaning news site is essentially the communications department for the federal government. So, for it to even hint at questioning the lockdowns is shocking. But CBC wrote a story warning of another pandemic brewing because of the lockdown. It is called cancer:

Video: Why did the Vatican transfer $2.3b to Australia?

This bizarre story alleges that over the last six or so years, the Vatican has transferred $2.3 billion to Australia. According to this report, Australian Bishops have not heard of this money and have no idea what it was for. There are lots of theories including one allegedly involving Bishop George Pell. I have no idea who he is. There may be valid reasons for these transfers, but apparently Australian police are investigating.

Shaking bridge?

In Hebrews 12:27, the writer talks about a day coming when everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. Just make sure you are not on a bridge when it happens. On Nov. 30, 2020, people were stopped from using New York’s Verrazzano-Narrow Bridge because of high winds: