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Credit: Amout Wurst/Flickr/Creative Commons

Migrants, Border Jumpers, Refugees, and Us

I saw something the other day, and it shocked me. This is not new for me, but I don’t like to be reminded that I am correct. We think we are good people, but reality can tell a different story. I have a volunteer contract with a famous Christian charity. I won’t name them and I won’t report what happened inside their building, to keep confidentiality, but they are famous everywhere for helping the poorest and most desperate. My job is to teach their staff how to write administrative reports, which fits some of my skill set. Two days ago, I reported for a tutorial session at a location in the inner city, and I was shocked. Outside, in the alley I saw several African people. Later, when I drove home, I saw more of them wandering the streets in our poorest neighborhood. My impression was that they were desperate and unhappy and they were begging for help from organized charities. The inner city is also called skid row, or the slums, and it is …

Rwanda refugee camp Photo: Elisa Finocchiaro/Flickr/Creative Commons

Lies and Refugees

World news everywhere is about refugees and migrants. Millions of people are leaving their homes and travelling to better places. In France the “Jungle” camp for migrants who want to break into Britain is being moved, with tear gas and rock throwing. Police in Macedonia are keeping migrants out, with tear gas and rubber bullets. Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border, where organized crime cartels smuggle people, and kill the surplus. And the list goes on. I live in Canada where the government promised, in October 2015, to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by Christmas. They achieved the number by March of 2016. Something is missing in all these stories. Some clues about the missing story are the delay in bringing refugees to Canada, and the strange story about refugees from Iraq, living in Finland, returning home by the thousands, and kissing the ground of Iraq when they get off the plane. Someone lied. I live in a wealthy place that is now in a severe recession; where the government …