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Homo Stupidus? Maybe not.

An evolutionary scientist called Neanderthals (cave men) “Homo Stupidus” because evolutionary theory requires others to be inferior and stupid, and we must be the most evolved, the best and brightest. Now, evolutionary scientists are telling us that these other humans were just like us. It’s as if we were all made by God. This is one of many recent articles that presents ancient ‘cave men’ as people just like us, and not inferior or less evolved. It’s a major trend in the study of ancient life, and it contradicts and erodes Darwin’s ideas about the origin of the species. The oldest humans or hominids that we know were equal to us, and this idea is coming from evolutionary researchers. READ: The Neanderthals Fiber String math

Human Evolution and Ugly Racism

Morphogenesis: This scientific word describes a straight path. Until recently, the science of human evolution was dominated by the philosophy of Morphogenesis, ‘a linear path to a predetermined end,’ the idea that evolution was predictable and consistent, and that it changed living things from simple and primitive to sophisticated and more desirable. The most evolved life form was always the best, and the least evolved was undesirable and deserved extinction. So, newer is better. Fossils showed us the remains of organisms that went extinct, like the dinosaurs, and we were told that they died out because they were less fit. Extinction happens when something better comes along. Morphogenesis can look backward, to trace the trail of species that evolved and went extinct, up until now. It can tell us how we got here, and it can also look into the future, to show us how to guide the evolution of life to better, more desirable forms. Forward looking morphogenesis is scary, and it mostly ended with World War II. Did you know that Hitler was …