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Are you feeling trapped by your own limits? Photo: Hans Ackr/Flickr/Creative Commons

Are you a ‘limited’ edition?

Limits, we all have them and I have always looked at them in a negative way. Recently, I read an Albert Einstein quote, where he said: “Once we accept our limits, we can go beyond them” It really got me thinking about the limitations in my life. Some days my world seems so small. I feel guilty and sometimes angry about wanting more, beyond the limits of my home and everyday responsibilities. It seems from the beginning, God knew we could not be responsible for everything, nor could we do just whatever we please.  When we function within His limits there is a blessing of protection on our lives. But sometimes the limits that seem to be on us are not ones put there by God, but limits we have put on ourselves. I ask myself how can I go beyond this ordinary life? Should I be content with doing the dishes laundry, making supper and going to work? When the daily cycle of life drags me down, I begin to buy into this ‘house mentality’. …