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A song about the Coronavirus: Let’s hear every voice

In the politics of this year, 2020, there seems to be a fierce fight for the real estate in front of the cameras. Radicals are burning things, and raging in the streets, and they get all the attention. Everyone has an opinion, but most voices will never be heard. That is strange because the radicals in the streets want some lives to matter; except for those lives that don’t matter to them. I am a Christian, but not a Roman Catholic, and my church does not have a statue of Jesus. Also, I confess that I listen to country music and nuns singing in a flower garden is just not my style. Their song is catchy, it will stay in your brain, and I agree with their message; we need to trust God. Also, if they sincerely believe in Jesus, they are my sisters. So, I recommend to you, some voices that you will not hear in the news. They are just not radical and violent enough. God bless them.