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96 | The Euphrates River: Is an ancient Bible prophecy about to come to pass? (by Alexander)

In this podcast, Alexander discusses a strange occurrence taking place today, scientists are warning that the Euphrates River is drying up, an event prophesied in the Bible.

The Euphrates River: Can we believe the predictions?

Are huge rivers disappearing? Are we moving to Armageddon? Is there any reason to believe Bible prophecy? The Bible makes many predictions about the times that we are living in. In general, things will get worse, even terrible, and then God will intervene. Intervention is also known as the second coming of Jesus. I am a Christian, but imagine taking the point-of-view of a doubter, a skeptic. If we don’t believe, why should we start now? There are different ideas about where our world is going. One of my best answers is, see the possibilities. Recently, scientists have become worried about the Euphrates river, and its twin, the Tigris. The cradle of ancient civilization formed near them, and they are important in many Bible stories. They form a huge fresh-water system that millions of people depend on, in the heart of the Middle East. The Bible predicted, thousands of years ago, that the Euphrates will dry up, and this will be important for events at the end of this age. Huge armies, from the east, …