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Meet Canada’s new land neighbor, Denmark

After decades of protracted conflict, Canada officially has a new neighbor, Denmark. For nearly seven decades, the two countries have been involved in a costly battle over the ownership of a nondescript island, Hans Island, a barren 1 km long rock island located between Nunavut in Canada and Greenland, a Denmark territory.

A cute story about the Queen’s encounter with two American hikers

Queen Elizabeth is the only Monarch in Britain’s long history who has served seventy years. This week, Britain is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee. Below is a funny story about two American hikers who accidentally ran into the Queen while out hiking: Though many don’t realize this, Canada is a constitutional monarchy, which means that we have a parliament that passes legislation, but they don’t officially become law until the Queen or her representative sign them into law. In other words, the Queen of England is Canada’s official leader. Canada even has two thrones set up in the Senate specifically reserved for the King or Queen and their spouses, or for the official representative of the Queen.