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Kids faking false positives on COVID tests to skip school?

Over the past few months, many have questioned the accuracy of the COVID tests, and now kids have even found a way to take advantage of it and skip school.

Videos have surfaced on TikTok explaining how kids can get a couple of weeks off school by using a couple drops from soda and depositing it on a lateral flow test that tests for COVID antibodies.

Apparently, that little trick results in a false positive.

The article from the Western Journal goes into a lengthy explanation of the chemical reaction that causes a false positive, that I won’t bore you with, but it has resulted in at least one school in Liverpool, England issuing a warning that kids are using it to skip school.

READ: Kids Discover COVID Tests ‘Detect’ the Virus in Drops of Soda, Immediately Use Their Newfound Knowledge

But aside from the soda pop glitch, there have been several examples of questionable COVID test results.

This past June (2021), Disney Cruise lines was forced to cancel a cruise, when five full vaccinated members of the crew tested positive for COVID and then tested negative for the virus the next day. READ: Disney postpones its first test cruise after ‘inconsistent’ COVID-19 test results among crew – with five vaccinated people testing positive one day and negative the next

Then there was one of my favourites when Grammy Award singer Erykah Badu was diagnosed with a case of half COVID. Apparently, she was tested twice for COVID, once in each nostril. The left side of her body had COVID, as her left nostril tested positive, and the other side didn’t when the test of her right nostril came up negative. READ: Grammy Winner Erykah Badu Questions Coronavirus Test Results: ‘Left Nostril Positive. Right Nostril Negative’

Or the case of Tesla CEO Elon Musk who took four COVID tests resulting in two positive and two negatives.

Predictably, people were outraged that Musk posted that Tweet. Apparently, they were concerned that people might get the wrong idea that COVID tests were inaccurate.


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